List of co-operative banks in Germany

This list includes the cooperative banks in Germany due to the description of the respective regional associations of the Federation of German People's Cooperative Banks ( BVR).

The end of 2013, Germany had 1,076 cooperative banks with aggregate total assets of 762.9 billion Euros.

Cooperative banks in Germany are organized into regional associations that ensure to the care and support of the regional bank (eg by consulting daughters or educational opportunities ) and the testing according to the Banking Act. Thus, the regional association also acts as auditing association.

Regional Associations

Local cooperative banks

Sparda banks

See also: Sparda- Bank ( Germany )

  • Sparda-Bank Baden- Württemberg eG, Stuttgart
  • Sparda-Bank eG München, Munich
  • Sparda-Bank eG Muenster, Muenster
  • Sparda -Bank Nürnberg eG, Nuremberg
  • Sparda-Bank West eG, Mainz
  • Sparda- Bank West eG, Dusseldorf

PSD banks

See also: PSD Bank

  • PSD Bank Hessen-Thüringen eG, Eschborn
  • PSD Bank eG Cologne, Cologne
  • PSD Bank eG Munich, Augsburg
  • PSD Bank eG Nuremberg, Nuremberg
  • PSD Bank Rhein- Ruhr eG, Dusseldorf
  • PSD Bank eG Westphalia -Lippe, Münster (Westphalia),

List of abbreviations used

  • SKB: Savings and Credit Bank
  • VR: Volks- und Raiffeisenbank


  • List of co-operative banks by December 31, 2013
  • Development of credit unions in late 2013