Steingaden is a community in the Upper Bavarian district of Weilheim -Schongau and office of the Management Community Steingaden. Steingaden is a nationally recognized resort.

The community is home to two unique monuments, the famous Wies Church and the Welfenmünster.

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The municipality is located in the foothills of the Alps on the border between Bavaria and the Allgäu. It consists of 53 districts. The larger and more well-known districts are next Steingaden Fronreiten, Ilgen, Lauterbach, giants, Steingädele and meadow. Other towns and villages in the municipal area are Biberschwöll, mountain, this Boschach, Brandach, fire Instead, Butzau, Deutenhof, interpreting Ried, Deutensee, Egart, Engen, Gagras, Gmeind, Gogel, Digging, Hiebler, Hirschau, Illach, Illberg, Jagdberg, Karl level, Kellershof, carbon Mayrhofen, circled, Kreuzberg, cakes, Langau, Lechen, Lindegg, Litzau, Mader Unterbichl, Moss, Upper Narrows, Reitersau, Resle, sand pit, Schlattmann, hose, Schwarzenbach, Staltannen, Steingädele, fir, Thal ( alternate spelling: Valley ), sub Engen, Front Gründl, Wiesle Zöpfhalden.


The place Steingaden belonged to the closed Hofmark of 1147 Welf VI. Premonstratensian monastery founded Gaden stone, which was repealed in 1803 in the wake of secularization. The earlier largely to the monastery associated surrounding places Fronreiten, Lauterbach and Steingädele were in course of administrative reform in the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1818 into independent political communities. Fronreiten, Lauterbach and Steingädele were merged on 1 April 1939 community Steingaden.

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Culture and sights


  • The Wies Church, pilgrimage church " of the Scourged Saviour of the meadow ." The work of the brothers Dominic and Johann Baptist Zimmermann was built in 1746-1754 in the purest rococo style and is recognized as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.
  • The Welfenmünster, a former Prämonstratenserkirche, built in 1176 in Romanesque style, is now a parish church.
  • Pilgrimage Church of the Visitation in Ilgen
  • Church " Holy Cross " on Cross Mountain
  • Church " St. Mary Magdalene " in Steingädele

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Church music in Welfenmünster: The design of the liturgy are primarily responsible for the admire Steingaden church choir and the Schola. The choir consists of about 60 members of the choir. The music literature ranges from Gregorian chant via motets, choral and orchestra Masses and the new spiritual song. Interested singers are always welcome. Contact: choir director Caspar Berlinger, Tel 08862/6000 The choir also participated in the large open-air performances " Welf inheritance " and wonders meadow ".

In the Wies Church every year From May to September, the concert series " Festive summer ", " evening concerts " and "Music in the Pfaff angle" organized.


  • Johann Georg von Lori (1723-1787), Councilor at coin and College of Mines; he pursued in collaboration with Dean Franz Töpsl and Andreas Felix von Oefele the founding of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences
  • Michl Gilbert (1750-1828), last abbot of Gaden stone of 1786-1803
  • Alois Ramis ( born June 11, 1763 in Narrows, † September 16, 1820 in Munich, buried in Munich, age Südfriedhof ) professor of mechanics at the craft school holiday Franz Xaver Kefers and since 1809 also " Mechanicus Academicus " at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences
  • Günther Neureuther ( born August 6 1955), was one of the most successful judo fighters of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • René Reinicke (1860-1926), German painter and illustrator, died in 1926 in Steingaden