Wild riser is a community in the Upper Bavarian district of Weilheim -Schongau and a member of the administrative community Steingaden. It lies on the "Romantic Road " near the famous Wies Church. Wild trail is about 900 m above sea level, the highest municipality in the Weilheim -Schongau. In the municipality stems from the River Illach.

Local structure

The municipal administration of wild riser located on the Kirchberg; Districts are mountain, this Hargenwies, Hausen, timber, Ilchberg, Kreut, Linden, Morgenbach, Perau, Peustelsau, Rentschen, sign Schwaig Schwaig, Lake, Soyermühle, Straubenbach, Saviors and lower houses.


The territory of the municipality Wildsteig was until the secularization in 1803 a part of the closed Hofmark the monastery gang book. Wildsteig of administrative reforms in the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1818 became an independent municipality in the course.

Population Development


View from Eckberg for Pürschling


The municipal tax revenue in 1999 amounted to the equivalent of € 414 thousand, of which € 73 thousand ( net) trade tax revenue.


Parish Church of St. James the second half of the 18th century ( latest Rococo with classical appeal ) with high altar pieces from the masters of blood Burger apostles from the 2nd half of the 15th century

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