California Games

California Games is a computer game that was originally produced in 1987 by Epyx for the Commodore 64 and Apple II. These were followed by reactions for Amiga, Atari (ST, 2600), Amstrad CPC, Apple IIgs, Sega Mega Drive, Sega Master System, ZX Spectrum, MSX, Wii / Virtual Console and PC (DOS, J2ME). In addition, it was implemented in 1989 for the Atari Lynx handheld console. California Games is next Summer Games, Winter Games and World Games part of Epyx games series.


  • Skateboarding ( to perform tricks in the half pipe ), duration 1 min 15 sec or 3 drops
  • Footbag ( often as possible contact / head the ball, turning and other tricks get bonus points)
  • Surfing ( Surfing with tricks, observing the correct angle ) 1 min 30 or 4 crashes
  • Roller skating (eg banana peels dodge obstacles such as jumping ) on a beach promenade
  • BMX Bike Racing ( a hilly route as quickly as possible complete with art pieces )
  • Frisbee Flying Disc ( disc throw and catch as much as possible, while there are various methods of fishing )

Game play

In the intro, a California car license plate is shown in which appear the letters games. After entering the number (1-8 ) and names of the players, you can first select whether and which disciplines you want to train or whether competition will be launched. Instead of a country one starts at the California Games for a sponsor. In most disciplines, you have three attempts or " life ", with heavy falls (eg BMX) but you can also retire immediately.


The SID music written Chris Grigg and Gil Freeman.

Easter Eggs

There are several Easter Eggs in this game.

  • With skateboarding falls in emerging rare earthquake, the H of Hollywood.
  • In Footbag Make a seagull.
  • While surfing sometimes a laughing shark, dolphin, or a seagull appears.
  • Whereas for the Frisbee some misses and waits too long, the partner is kidnapped by aliens.

C- 64 Stick

On 17 October 2005, the C64 DTV also appeared in Germany on the market. He has 30 games, including California Games, Summer Games, Uridium, inter alia,


In 1990 California Games II for Amiga, Atari ST, DOS, Sega Master System and SNES.

Currently, Ironstone, Magnussoft system and 3 have the license to use the name Epyx. This currently appear for different platforms games again whose name and design leans to the original.