Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

The Rezidor Hotel Group is an internationally active large hotel chain based in Brussels (Belgium ). It is a subsidiary of Carlson Residor Hotel Group, which was created on 18 January 2012 by the merger of the Rezidor Hotel Group with the Carlson Hotel Group. The company is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange under the symbol Rezt.


In 1994, the company was founded under the name SAS International Hotels. It had 29 houses in Europe, which were introduced by the parent company SAS in the company.

The 2000 financial year closed the SAS International Hotels, with a turnover of 371 million euros in, owned or leased, 146 Hotels from. Here, a profit of 68 million euros. On 1 November 2000, the Malmaison brand was acquired with five hotels in the UK.

The renamed Rezidor SAS Hospitality on 1 October 2001 SAS International Hotels operate 160 hotels in 38 countries under the brands Radisson SAS Hotels & Resorts and Malmaison. The hotels here achieved a turnover of 379 million euros, the profit amounted to 22 million euros. The terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001, the revenues in the major cities were more affected than in central cities, particularly affected Hotels with major U.S. customers were.

The first complete fiscal year 2002 under the new name Rezidor SAS Hospitality completed the group with a sales increase from 390 million euros. The number of hotels operated by the group, the group rose to 184 in addition to the two own brands agreed with Carlson Hotels Worldwide, a license agreement with a term of thirty years for the brands Regent, Country Inn and Park Inn. The two brands Country Inn and Park Inn are located in the middle price segment, while the Regent brand stands for class hotels.

In August 2003, Rezidor SAS Hospitality announced introduced in Switzerland by McDonald's in 2001, the hotel brand Golden Arch to take over the hotel. This bedeutetet also the complete withdrawal of McDonald's out of the hotel market. The two hotels were incorporated into the Hotel Park Inn brand. Also, a customer loyalty program at Rezidor SAS Hospitality was introduced.

The brand portfolio has been adjusted for the brand Country Inn 2004. The operating under this brand houses have been converted to Park Inn.

At the International Tourism Exchange Berlin in 2005, Rezidor SAS Hospitality and Carlson Companies told that Carlson Companies will acquire 25 percent stake in the hotel company. In return, the brand licenses have been extended to the year 2052. At the date of Rezidor SAS Hospitality had 245 houses in 47 countries. It was also in 2005, the customer loyalty program at this time possessed over 100,000 customers through a loyalty card, been revised and introduced under the name goldpoints plus.

After the initial public offering in 2006, the Carlson Companies increased their share to 35 percent. With 279 hotels in 47 countries, primarily in EMEA Economic Area, and 21,000 employees, the company in 2006 was one of the largest hotel chains.

Hotel brands

Actual Brands

The operated by the Rezidor Hotel Group Hotels occur under the following brands:

  • Park Inn by Radisson
  • Radisson Blu
  • HotelMissoni

Former brands

From the Rezidor Hotel Group formerly operated brands for hotels were:

  • Malmaison
  • Regent
  • Country Inn
  • Cerruti