Catherina McKiernan

Catherina McKiernan (born 30 November 1969 Cornafean, County Cavan ) is a former Irish long-distance runner.

She was European Champion in cross country once (1994) and four times vice world champion (1992 to 1995). In the 1996 Olympics she finished in eleventh place 32:00,38 minutes in the 10,000 -meter run. After that, they focused on the marathon course and won the 1997 Berlin Marathon ( 2:23:44 ) and the following year the London Marathon ( 2:26:26 ) and the Amsterdam Marathon ( 2:22:23 ). These three times are the best that has ever achieved over this distance an Irish runner.

A back injury prevented their active participation in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, instead they acted there as a co- commentator for Radio Éireann Telefís.

In 2004, she retired from competitive sport and now works as a consultant running.