The Amsterdam Marathon is a marathon in Amsterdam, which ( with the exception of 1978) takes place since 1975 every year in October since 1999. He is after the Rotterdam Marathon is the second largest of the Netherlands, and is part of the fastest in the world (see ranking of the fastest marathon events ).


Start and finish in the 1928 predating the Olympic Stadium, the main venue for the Summer Games of 1928. According to a first round of seven kilometers you walk again past the stadium before it goes to the second, larger round. It's on both sides by a beautiful natural landscape of the Amstel (as part of the former Olympic distance ), then through the center of Amsterdam with the " Maritime Museum ", the historic canals, the Rijksmuseum, and finally how to start by the famous Vondelpark.

The route is flat and fast, but also vulnerable to wind. The time measurement is made by ChampionChip.


Track records

Finisher 2010

Participants in the target

  • Marathon: 7880 (4886 men and 1097 women), 970 more than last year
  • Half Marathon: 11,282 ( 7054 men and 3382 women and 846 companies runner ), 2249 more than last year
  • 8 km: 3915 ( 1137 men and 1646 women and 1132 companies runners ), 983 more than last year

List of winners

Sources: website of the organizer, ARRS

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