Chico Serra

Francisco "Chico" Serra ( born February 3, 1957 in São Paulo) is a Brazilian racing driver.

His international career began in 1977 in England, when he won the Formula Ford title. In 1978 he was behind Nelson Piquet and Derek Warwick third in the British Formula 3 Championship. In 1979 he was able to take first place in the championship this class.

After a year in Formula 2, he began in 1981 when Fittpaldi -Automotive team as a team partner of Keke Rosberg in Formula 1 The great success remained with only one championship point (6th place in Belgium) from. In 1982 he was the sole driver of the Fittipaldi team. After he finished only 26th place in the championship standings, 1983 he moved to Arrows where he had to vacate his place after four races. Chico Serra drove a total of 18 Grand Prix.

After his failed attempt to grasp one foot in the formula, he returned to Brazil to take part in national touring car championships. He won the national Brazilian stock car championships in 1999, 2000 and 2001 for themselves.

Pictures of Chico Serra