Fittipaldi Automotive

Fittipaldi Automotive was a Brazilian motorsport racing, the total of 103 Grand Prix of the Formula 1 World Championship took part in 1975-1982 to. The team, which was initially stationed in Brazil and later operated from England, launched officially until 1977 under the name of its main sponsor, the Brazilian sugar producers Copersucar. From 1978, the team wore itself under the name of its founder, the two-time Formula 1 world champion Emerson Fittipaldi and his brother Wilson, one in the message lists.


Copersucar or Fittipaldi was reported 1975-1982 for 122 Grand Prix races and was able to qualify in 103 races for the launch. This Fittipaldi driver reached the podium three times, but a race win was denied the team. The best result Emerson Fittipaldi drove the Grand Prix of Brazil 1978 in a domestic Jacarepaguá, as he left the Argentine Carlos Reutemann was second from seventh in his Ferrari.

In the first season in 1975 Emerson Fittipaldi started yet for McLaren, while his brother Wilson drove for the team founded together. It was Wilson Fittipaldi's best finish of 10th place at the U.S. Grand Prix. After this race, the older of the two brothers ended his Formula 1 career.

From the season 1976 to the U.S. Grand Prix in 1980 drove for the Fittipaldi Emerson Fittipaldi team. More Fittipaldi drivers were the Italians Arturo Merzario, the Brazilian Ingo Hoffmann, Alex Ribeiro and Chico Serra and the Finn Keke Rosberg.

End of the 1979 season, the Fittipaldi team acquired the remains of stepped out of the Formula 1 team Walter Wolf Racing and moved its location in the old factory in Reading, to henceforth operate from European soil can. Brazil had proved effective in the first few years, despite protestations to the contrary on the part of the team as a significant competitive disadvantage.

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