Clinton (British Columbia)

Clinton is a municipality in the central, southern British Columbia, Canada. Clinton is located in the Interior Plateau and is part of the Thompson - Nicola Regional District.


A large part of the local history is closely linked with the Cariboo Wagon Road and the Pacific Great Eastern Railway. The close connection of the community is reflected in the original name of the settlement. Clinton's older name is 47 Mile House and referred to the distance on the Cariboo Wagon Road from the starting point in Lillooet here. The current name of the village refers to Henry Pelham- Clinton, the fifth Duke of Newcastle -under- Lyne, where the mid-19th century British Colonial Secretary was.

The granting of local autonomy for the church took place on July 16, 1963 ( incorporated as the Village Municipality ).


The census in 2011 showed a population of 636 inhabitants of the community. The population has increased while compared to the last census in 2006 by 6.4 %, while the population in the province of British Columbia grew at the same time even by 7.0%.

With an average age of 53.1 years, the population here is much older than in the rest of the province, with an average of 41.9 years there.


The average income of employees of Clinton in 2005 was at C $ 19,380, while at the same time the average for the entire province of British Columbia was only C $ 24 867. The difference in earnings between men ( 22,950 C $; province average = 31 598 C $ ) and women ( 16,982 C $; province average = 19 997 C $) falls in Clinton from less than in the income comparison for the entire province.


By Clinton leads in a north-south direction, the Highway 97 which connects the town with the rest of British Columbia.

Approximately 24 km north- north-west of Clinton is the local airfield (IATA: -, ICAO: -, Transport Canada Identifier: CBr4 ). The airfield has a short paved runway and runway of 1,302 meters in length.

From the West approaches a range of Canadian National Railway, which largely follows the course of the Highway 97 heading north from Clinton.