Interior Plateau


Map of the Interior Plateau

The Interior Plateau is a plateau in the interior of British Columbia, which extends to the north of the U.S. state of Washington.

Physical Geography

To the east limit the mountain ranges of the Monashee Mountains and Cariboo Mountains, north close the Omineca Mountains and the Cassiar Mountains from the plateau. From the coast, the Coast Mountains and the Cascade Range, it is by the Hazelton Mountains, separately. To the south it finds its continuation in the Columbia Plateau.

The plateau consists of several parts, which are usually separated by river valleys:

  • Fraser Plateau Chilcotin Plateau (limited by the Blackwater River, Fraser River and Coast Mountains )
  • Cariboo Plateau ( bounded by the Fraser River, Cariboo Mountains and North Thompson River)
  • Nechako Plateau (limited by the Blackwater River, Fraser River, the Omineca Mountains and the Cassiar Mountains )

Fraser and Thompson Plateau were originally located between 1200 to 1500 meters above sea level, filled with glacial deposits basin, from which rise several mountain ranges and hill regions. The partial lake-like pent-up systems of the Fraser River and the Okanagan River divide the plateaus.


The climate of the Interior Plateau is characterized by sharp daily and seasonal temperature contrasts. The location in the rain shadow of Coastal Range and Cascade Mountains provides dry and - depending on the altitude - warm to hot summers when the daily maximum temperature in the lowlands of the south in July can reach 40 ° C. In contrast, still night frosts are, as the cloudless sky and the dry air for unimpeded heat radiation also ensure in July. Back in September a significant temperature decrease can be observed, at the latest in early November holds in the lower elevations lasting until April winter from south to north and from east to west increasing snowfall feeder. Precipitation is spread relatively evenly throughout the year.

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