Cordillera Blanca


The Cordillera Blanca in the northern Andes of Peru, with a length of 180 km and more than 50 mountains over 5700 meters the highest mountain range in the Americas ( found only in Asia, on average, higher mountain ranges ). Translated, the name White Mountain range, which indicates the strong glacier. Another name is Cordillera Tropical. Between this mountain range and the Pacific Ocean to the Cordillera Negra, which is completely free of snow is.

The highest mountain of the Cordillera Blanca ( Peru as well ) is the Huascaran ( 6768 m). As one of America's most beautiful mountains in the world and is generally considered the further north Alpamayo ( 5947 m). Other important mountains are Ranrapalca, Huantsán, Taulliraju, Huandoy, Cerro Pisco, Chopicalqui, Artesonraju and Nevado de Copa. Most of these mountains were climbed for the first during the German - Austrian Alpine Club expedition in the 1930s. Also this arose in the course the first maps of the mountain.

The main town on the southwestern edge of the Cordillera Blanca Huaraz, other important cities are Caraz and Yungay. A large part of the Cordillera Blanca in 1975 declared the Huascaran National Park and is completely protected. The park is one of the most touristy places visited Peru and is available at extra charge. Because of global warming, a strong reduction of the snow cover of the Cordillera Blanca is detected since the late 1980s.