Curtiss P-6 Hawk

The Curtiss P-6 Hawk was an American biplane fighter aircraft of the USAAC from the year 1929.

History and construction

It was the successor of the Curtiss P- 1 of 1925 on the P1 -B based they originated. The P-6 were produced in various versions. The aircraft were fitted with a Curtiss V -1570 -12- cylinder V- engine and were aerodynamically shaped better than the old P-1. The P-6 came in 1929 for use and was one of the most manoeuvrable aircraft of its time. The last types were produced in 1932 and remained until 1937 in service.


  • P-6 of 8
  • P -6A 18 pieces
  • P- 6D 12 pieces, Curtiss V- 1570C engine, also with turbocharger
  • P -6E 46 pieces, P- 6D with better aerodynamics
  • P -6F 2 pieces
  • P -6S export version, Pratt & Whitney R -1340 - engine 456 hp

A P -6E can be seen at the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright - Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton (Ohio ). Another machine is in the U.S. Marine Corps Museum in Quantico, Virginia.

Military user

  • Bolivia Bolivia
  • For test 1 P -6S: Japan Japan
  • Cuba Cuba: 3
  • Netherlands Dutch East Indies: 16
  • China Republic of China in 1928: 50
  • United States 48 United States: United States Army Air Corps



  • Japan, Cuba, Dutch East Indies, United States