Dahn Ben-Amotz

Dahn Ben- Amotz, actually Moshe Tehilimzeigger, ( born April 13, 1924 in Rivne, Ukraine today, † October 20, 1989 in Jaffa ) was an Israeli author, journalist and radio host.


Ben- Amotz was sent by his parents in 1938, when a boy of fourteen, to Palestine; his parents did not survive the Holocaust. Ben- Amotz came to the village of Ben Shemen Youth and found Shimon Peres in a responsible mentor. There, Ben- Amotz changed his name to Moshe Shimony to give thus the appearance of a Sabra.

In the 1940s he joined the Palmach of Haganah and thereby changed his name permanently in Dahn Ben- Amotz. He fought 1947/48 in the Palestine war and was sent in 1948 as an emissary and journalist in Paris. From there he went to the USA and stayed for some time in Hollywood. There he made the acquaintance of, among others, Marlon Brando and Blackie Dammett and received a small role in Elia Kazan film A Streetcar Named Desire (A Streetcar Named Desire ) by their support in 1951.

Mid-1950s returned Ben- Amotz back to Israel, where he worked in radio. He was known as a presenter of Three Men in a Boat, a satirical weekly review, beyond the national boundaries. He also wrote feature articles and political essays for several newspapers.

1980 was diagnosed with liver cancer Ben- Amotz. During this time he traveled through Poland, visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp. Through this journey became public that he had Polish roots and was not, as his life hawked, born in the Promised Land.

On April 8, 1989 Ben- Amotz was a big farewell party in Jaffa to the 150 guests were invited, including Yaakov Agmon, Gila Almagor, Shlomo Artzi, Nurit Galron, Amos Keinan, Joseph Lapid, Amos Oz, Yehudit Ravitz and Meir Shalev.

Dahn Ben- Amotz, died at age 65 on 20 October 1989 in Jaffa, and found there two days later his final resting place.


1956 wrote Ben- Amotz together with Haim Hefer A bag of fibs, an anthology of short stories from the times of the Haganah. This book soon gained cult status. The short story Parents Meeting was manufactured in 1962 and described the fate of the immigrants of Israel; this story carries autobiographical. Long regretted Ben- Amotz the disappearance of many dialect expressions which have been through the coalescence of the Israeli people less. In 1972, he tried to fight together with Nwetiva Ben Yehuda, with a small dictionary about it.

In January 1992, Amnon Dankner published a biography of Ben- Amotz. It is assumed that he had had an incestuous relationship with his mother at age 13. The book caused a scandal. 2005 launched the online newspaper Ynet News ( Ynet ) a survey by the 200 known / popular / biggest Israelis of all time and it was Ben- Amotz ranked 140th

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  • Born in 1924
  • Died in 1989
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