Daisen (Akita)

Daisen (Japanese大仙 市, - shi) is a city located in Akita Prefecture on Honshu, the main island of Japan.


The city is located east of Akita. The Ou mountain range lies to the east of the city. The Omono flows through the city.


The town was founded on 22 March 2005 as a merger of the city Omagari (大曲 市, -shi), as well as the communities Kamioka (神 冈 町, machi ), Nishisenboku (西 仙 北 町, machi ), Nakasen (中 仙 町, - machi ), Kyōwa (协和 町, machi ), Senboku (仙 北 町, machi ), Ōta (太 田 町, machi ) and the village Nangai (南 外 村, -mura ), all of which were in the county Senboku. Omagari, Kyōwa, Nangai and Ōta kept here as neighborhoods their old names, but - with the exception of Ōta, the pronunciation changed to Ōta -chō - without the suffix- machi.

After the merger, Daisen has 136 members the largest council within Japan, even well before the metropolitan area of Tokyo. This also follows from the fact that most councilors formerly independent municipalities retained their seats, just resigned.


  • Train: JR Akita Shinkansen
  • JR Tazawako - line
  • Akita highway
  • National Road 13
  • National Road 46,105,341

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