David E. Kelley

David Edward Kelley ( born April 4, 1956 in Waterville, Maine) is an American television and film producer.

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Kelley attended the Belmont Hill School, Princeton University and the Boston University School of Law and worked initially as a lawyer in Boston. In the 1980s he began writing screenplays. He developed the story and wrote the screenplay for From the Hip (1987, dt career with links). After reading this scenario Steven Bochco hired him first as a single author consequences for the television series LA Law, which he also produced later. Later he created together with Bochco series Doogie Howser, MD. Other series which were created by him or in which he participated, were Picket Fences, Chicago Hope, The Practice, Ally McBeal, Snoops, Girls Club, Boston Public, The Brotherhood of Poland, NH Boston Legal and The Crazy Ones.

Kelley's television series were famous for their whimsical, sometimes surreal humor, as well as by its serious moments.

In 1993, David Kelley married actress Michelle Pfeiffer. Together they have a son and an adopted before the wedding of Pfeiffer 's daughter.

David E. Kelley's archetypes


Although Kelley occasionally creates very original characters, many of his characters go back to a few archetypes.



  • There are always between his series crossover ( the figures of a series diving into another series on ). So Jill Brock on Picket Fences does the lawyer Douglas Wambaugh in Chicago Hope. The lawyer Ellenor Frutt represents a teacher who is suing his dismissal from the Boston Public High School. Or the lawyers from Ally McBeal call the colleagues from The Practice to help when it comes to a particularly thorny case.
  • It is also striking again and again his preference, performer, with whom he has worked to use in later projects. So were both Kathy Baker and Fyvush Finkel starred in Picket Fences and later in Boston Public. And Anthony Heald and Rene Auberjonois both played a judge in The Practice, before they took on lead roles in Boston Public and Boston Legal. Lauren Holly appeared on Picket Fences and Chicago Hope, but in each case in other roles. Mark Valley played in the first three seasons of Boston Legal and plays from the second season of Harry 's Law again a lawyer.

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