Denny Dias

Denny Dias ( * December 1946 in Philadelphia ) is an American guitarist, known from the early days of Steely Dan.


Dias was interested in early jazz ( Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk ), and had his own band in the late 1960s in Hicksville on Long Iceland. He sought through an advertisement for a keyboardist and bassist, to which Donald Fagen and Walter Becker reported; they were part of the band and began to play their songs. By 1971, the three moved to California and took drummer Jim Hodder, guitarist Jeff " Skunk " Baxter and singer David Palmer in the band, then as Steely Dan got a record deal.

Dias played from 1972 to 1974 on the first three albums, Can not Buy a Thrill ( with an electric sitar solo on Do It Again ), and Countdown to Ecstasy and Pretzel Logic. After Fagen and Becker decided to give up the band and continue working with studio musicians. Denny Dias continued to be involved as a studio musician on Steely Dan, 1975 participated in the album Katy Lied, where he played the solo on Your Gold Teeth II, 1976 The Royal Scam and Aja 1977.

In 1991 slides to Toto during their Summer Festival Tour. He also played a recording with Wayne Shorter, Wilfrido Vargas and Pete Christlieb.

Then slides worked as a programmer in Los Angeles. Together with Rich McConnell and Basil Hosmer he was a software architect for Clipper 5.x xBase compiler.



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