Deoksugung (IPA [ təks'uk'uŋ ] ) is one among five Korean palaces in Seoul that were built during the Joseon Dynasty.

Originally it was not a palace, but a Villa a prince. 1598 but were destroyed all the palaces within the Imjin War. Therefore, the royal family used after conversion the same thing as a temporary palace villa. Thus, the complex of buildings was the Palace name Gyeongungung ( Kor. 경운궁 ,庆 运 宫; [ kjəŋunk'uŋ ] ).

Only in 1907 was called to the palace with the current name Deoksugung. This palace was one of the venues of the sinking of the Joseon Dynasty.

Between 1910 and 1945, when Korea was a province of Japan, was the Japanese language as the national language. The Hanja and Kanji of the Palace name (Japanese德 寿 宫) were therefore very Japanese, and he was at this time Tokujukyū.

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