Der Postmeister

The postmaster is a German film from 1940 The film was released based on the story The Postmaster ( Original title: Stancionnyj smotritel ). Alexander Pushkin.


The film takes place somewhere in the Russian provinces. In great loneliness leads a postmaster a post station. He lives there with his beautiful daughter Dunja. One day here makes the captain Minskij station and raves of Saint Petersburg. Dunja should necessarily come to the city of the Tsar. Dunja falls in love with the handsome man and travels actually hoping to marry the captain, to Saint Petersburg. There is however no mention of marriage and Dunja sinks into the big city life. As a popular mistress of the nobles they reflected through life. Only the young Mitja is sincere with his love. When the old postmaster hears rumors of the dissolute life of his daughter, he makes his way to Saint Petersburg. Should the rumors be true, he wants to kill his daughter and the Captain. Although she actually wants to be with Mitya, she persuaded the captain Minskij to audition with her father their wedding. This convinces the postmaster, who leaves calmed down, just like Mitya, which then breaks with Dunja. Completely alone and disappointed by her own existence, Dunja takes her own life.


The film was made 1939/1940 in Vienna, including the railway station Klein- Schwechat (now Kaiserebersdorf ). The premiere took place on 25 April 1940. After the beginning of the war against the Soviet Union in the summer of 1941, the film no longer came to the performance in the theaters because it was a too sympathetic picture of the Russian people showed the Goebbels' Propaganda Ministry, which is now regarded as enemies.


  • Lexicon of international film: Excellent photographed and staged - with Heinrich George as postmaster in his probably the best film role.
  • Theater director Jürgen Fehling about Henry George view of the Postmaster: ... the postmaster, he danced like a (...) mozärtlicher Elephant (...) a block of granite, the diamond tears omitted (...) with a degree of imagination, God is only a couple of times away in a hundred years to actor.


The film won at the International Film Festival in Venice in 1940 the Mussolini Cup for best foreign film.


1955 a remake was filmed in color under the title Dunja that closely follows the black and white film of 1940. The role of postmaster here by Walter judges of the Dunya of Eva Bartok, who assumed the ensign Mitja by Karlheinz Böhm and the Captain Minski by Ivan Desny.