Deutscher Leichtathletik-Verband

The German Athletics Association eV ( DLV) is the umbrella organization of all athletics clubs in Germany. Its seat is located in Darmstadt.


It was founded on 29 January 1898 in Berlin as a German sports authority for athletics and in 1908 converted associations while renaming in German Sports Authority for athletics of a bunch of clubs in a league of (state ).

Operationally, were at the time - and until 1933/34 - the regional football associations of the DFB responsible for track and field events at the regional and local level; so led as the North German Football Association in the same year 1908 in Kiel for the first time the North German championships. Until 1933, there was an association Athletics Committee, whose chairman had a seat and vote in the NFV Board.

1933 was renamed as part of the Gleichschaltung of German sports sports authority in German Athletics Federation and finally transferred in 1935 in the Kingdom of professional athletics office under the direction of Karl Ritter von Halt. 1949, the Association was re-established under the present name in Munich. As a place of business Kassel was set in 1973, the seat was moved to Darmstadt. In 1990, the DLV was combined with the Athletics Association of the GDR ( DVFL ). In 2008, he belonged to over 890,000 members, distributed to more than 7,800 clubs.



The DLV is the sixth largest association in the German Olympic Sports Confederation. It is divided into twenty national associations. President is Dr. Clemens Prokop, one of the Vice-Presidents is Dagmar Freitag.

The DLV advertising and licensing rights are marketed by the German Athletics Promotion and project mbH, which also hosts the DLV - top events. Since July 2013, the former DLP operates under the name German Athletics Marketing GmbH. Managing Director is the German sports manager Frank Lebert. European Federation, the European Athletic Association (EAA ). International Federation, the International Association of Athletics Federations ( IAAF).

National associations

The 20 national associations ( LV) of the DLV from north to south:

Northern Germany

  • Schleswig -Holstein: SH: Schleswig- Holsteinischer Athletics Association ( SHLV )
  • MV: Association of Athletics Federations Mecklenburg- Vorpommern ( LVMV )
  • NI: Lower Saxony Association of Athletics Federations ( NLV )
  • HH: Hamburger Athletics Association ( HHLV )
  • BR: Bremer Association of Athletics Federations ( BLV )
  • BB: Association of Athletics Federations Brandenburg ( LVB)
  • BE: Berlin Athletics Association ( BLV )

The seven regional associations Northern Germany perform in addition to their state championships by common North German Championships.

Central Germany

  • Saxony- Anhalt: ST: Athletics Association of Saxony -Anhalt ( LVSA )
  • TH: Thuringian Association of Athletics Federations ( TLV)
  • SA: Association of Athletics Federations Saxony ( LVS)

West Germany

  • North Rhine -Westphalia: WE: Football and Athletics Association of Westphalia ( FLVW )
  • NO: Association of Athletics Federations of North Rhine ( LVN )
  • RL: Association of Athletics Federations Rheinland ( LVR )

The three associations of West Germany perform in addition to their national championships through joint West German championships. FLVW and LVN form the West German Football and Athletics Association with the Football Association Lower Rhine and the Football Association of the Middle Rhine.

Southern Germany

  • Hesse: HE: Hessischer Athletics Association ( HLV )
  • PF: Association of Athletics Federations Palatinate ( LVP)
  • RH: Association of Athletics Federations Rheinhessen ( LVR )
  • SL: Saarländischer Athletics Federation ( SLB)
  • BA: Baden Athletics Association ( BLV )
  • WÜ: Wurttembergischer Athletics Association eV ( WLV )
  • BY: Bavarian Association of Athletics Federations ( BLV )

The seven national associations of southern Germany perform in addition to their state championships by common South German Championships. Together they also form the South German Athletics Association.