Dewey Tomko

Dewey Tomko (born 31 December 1946 in Glassport, Pennsylvania) is an American former teacher and now as a professional poker player. He currently resides in Winter Haven, Florida.

Tomko began at the age of 16 years to play poker professionally, in order to finance his education. He played it in bars, offering pool tables. Later Tomko was kindergarten uncle, but played often all night poker and soon realized that the card game is more profitable than his main occupation.

Tomko is the only player who took part in the World Series of Poker since 1974 every year. Over the years he collected three bracelets. In addition, he was in both 1982 and 2001 runner-up in the main event, the main event of the series. In 2001, he lost with the best starting hand consisting of two aces.

Dewey Tomko is married and has three children.

2008, his tournament earnings are in excess of 4.9 million U.S. dollars.

Bracelets at the World Series of Poker