Die Horen (Morawietz)

That hear is a quarterly in Hannover " Journal of Literature, Art and Criticism " (until 1983: " Journal of Literature, graphics and Criticism" ). It was founded in 1955 by Kurt Morawietz from 1994 to 2011 was its editor Johann P. Tammen, since 2012 Jürgen Krätzer. It is published four times a year. On the Advisory Board are Christoph Hein, Uwe Kolbe, Katja Lange -Müller and Johann P. Tammen.

Your name was chosen The Hours based on the 1795 by Friedrich Schiller launched monthly, with the Horen the three Greek goddesses Eunomia, Dike and Irene were meant, which for decency ( Eunomia ), justice ( dike ) and Peace ( Irene ) stood.

The magazine has set itself the goal is to discover young writers and to wrest significant writers of oblivion. It devotes itself to the prose and in a remarkable extent, the poetry, in a part of Germany, otherwise heft as ever a little-known in Germany national literature (eg Iceland or Poland ) their books. She was repeatedly persecuted writers carefully about on Greek in the time of the military junta or Chinese.

The supported by the State of Lower Saxony and Hanover city magazine was awarded several times, including twice by the industry trade journal for the German Book Trade in the Alfred Kerr Prize for Literary Criticism in 2008 and the Culture Prize of Lower Saxony Silesia.