Gloss Scabious ( Scabiosa lucida )

The carding -like ( Dipsacales ) are an order of flowering plant.


There are woody or herbaceous plants. They usually have to constantly leaves with composite, split, or at least notched leaf blades.

The representatives usually have fivefold flowers. The petals are are fused ( Sympetalie ). The ovary is inferior.


The Dipsacales are within the Euasteriden II, the sister group of the Paracryphiales. It contains only two families:

  • Moschuskraut plants ( Adoxaceae )
  • Honeysuckle ( Caprifoliaceae ): in the Caprifoliaceae previously as an independent family -run Diervillaceae, teasel, Linnaeaceae, Morinaceae and Valerianaceae were incorporated.


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