Disenchantment Bay

Disenchantment Bay and Hubbard Glacier and Mount Vancouver in the background

Map of Yakutat Bay and Disenchantment Bay in the north-east

The Disenchantment Bay is a bay at the foot of Elias chain in southeastern Alaska at the transition to the Panhandle. It borders with Point Latouche at the Yakutat Bay, an inlet of the Gulf of Alaska, and extends 16 kms to the Hubbard Glacier and the mouth of Russell Fjord to the northeast.

Captain Alessandro Malaspina, who led from 1789 to 1794, the first great Spanish scientific expedition to the Pacific, called the bay 1792 " Puerto del Desengano " (English Disenchantment Bay, dt: Bay of disillusionment ) because they did not represent the expected connection to the Atlantic. Malaspina sailed to Haenke Iceland at the end of the bay before it was blocked by the ice of the Hubbard Glacier this.

The earthquake in the Yakutat Bay in 1899 with a strength of the main quake of 8.2 caused great changes in the earth's surface in the region. On the west coast of Disenchantment Bay stepped on a maximum elevation of 14.5 meters.

The took place on 14 August 2002 breach of the Hubbard Glacier, had cut off Russell Fjord for about one month of Disenchantment Bay, was the second largest previously documented by people glacier run.