Do the Right Thing

Do the Right Thing is a feature film by the American director Spike Lee from the year 1989. Tragicomedy, produced by Lee, who also wrote the screenplay and one of the lead roles took over, premiered in May 1989 at the Film Festival of Cannes. The U.S. theatrical release followed on 30 June 1989, in West German cinemas of the film from 13 July 1989 to see.


A hot day in Brooklyn: The Italian-American Sal operates since 20 years a pizzeria in the Stuyvesant Avenue. Work his two sons Pino and Vito with the good-natured, always promoting his mid-forties. In the seedy neighborhood live almost exclusively black, many are unemployed. Some hang around all day, hold on to beer cans and cherish jealousy of successful people in the neighborhood as a Korean shopkeeper. Sal is proud that you accept him in the area. Conflicts with his listless black delivery boy Mookie be quickly resolved, although Sal's son Pino occasionally makes its dissatisfaction with racist slogans air. Pino tries to persuade his father to move away from the black neighborhood. Bruderzwist there because Vito well gets along with Mookie, who was not with his girlfriend and young son for a week. Sal is proud of his Italian- American heritage and presented in the pizzeria a "Wall of Fame" consisting of portraits Italo- American stars. The black activist Buggin Out displeases the gallery and he criticizes the fact that Sal did not include blacks with. He threatens to initiate a boycott of Sal's business. Irritated refers pizzeria owners the young unemployed from his shop and top it with a ban.

Buggin ' Out is partnering with the music lovers Radio Raheem. In the late evening Sal is highly satisfied with the day to day business; he wants to rename the store in " Sal & Sons " and so Pino move to stay. But then dive Buggin ' Out and Radio Raheem on with his cranked Ghetto Blaster in Sal's Pizzeria. With maximum volume blaring " Hip Hop Music " ( "Fight The Power" by Public Enemy ). Annoyed destroyed over this harassment Sal the device with a baseball bat. Rapid degenerates the confrontation into a brawl at the also previously neutral residents of the applied district participate. , the police intervene, the fiercely defensive end Radio Raheem is choked by a cop in a headlock with the baton to death., the black inhabitants of the district respond to this tragic event. Sals Pizzeria is destroyed, looted and set on fire. the street battle threatens to spread to other shops, but can not be contained by firefighters and police. A day later, Sal is stunned before the ruins of his destroyed "Famous Pizzeria". A stuttering beggar who sold on the street photos of heroes of the civil rights movement, had in the night the first match on fire. He can now finally a black screen on the destroyed wall of fame of the Italian Laden hanging showing the handshake between Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. Mookie asks Sal to back pay. Both separate ways after the boy got his dollars.


Spike Lee described this film as apartheid film about the U.S. and contribute in the election campaign between the long-time mayor of New York City, Edward I. Koch and the African-American candidate David Dinkins, who in the primaries finally prevailed over cooking and in the elections ultimately also won against Rudolph Giuliani. "The fact that the beautiful words of the Free America, which has space for every skin color, never were more than mendacious phrases, each would have to be clear. At the end of my movie, people are not enough hands to sing that We are the World crap. "Said Lee. "I would like the audience at the end of the film has a sense of horror. I want to point out that we have to face them talk about these problems and. If that does not happen, it only gets worse. "


" A furious staged film, which evolves into a haunting study of violence and thereby disturbed and stirs. Interesting. "

" In 1989, Spike Lee everything right. Do The Right Thing has the driving dynamics of a " Public Enemy " track is exciting and varied as a stifling hot summers and perhaps the smartest, most honest and most stylish film about racism, which has been turned. "

"Seeing the film again today, I was Reminded of what a stylistic achievement it is. Spike Lee what 32 When He made ​​it, assured, confident, in the full joy of his power. He takes this story, Which sounds like grim social realism, and tells it with music, humor, color and exuberant Invention. A lot of it is just plain fun. [ ... ] None of synthesis people is perfect. But Lee makes it possible for us to understand Their feelings; his empathy is Crucial to the film, Because if you can not try to understand how the other person feels, you're a captive inside the box of yourself. Thoughtless people have accused Lee over the years of being an angry filmmaker. He Has much to be angry about, but I do not find it in his work. The wonder of Do the Right Thing is did he is so fair. "

Reclams film leader was that the film as a " ironic comedy" start and develop a " convincing study on the emergence of violence ." Spike Lee is an " exact observer of reality so brings to the screen that the viewer recognizes causes, backgrounds and contexts casually themselves. "