Dompierre -sur -Besbre is a commune with 3119 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Allier in the Auvergne region; it belongs to the administrative district in the canton of Moulins and Dompierre -sur -Besbre whose capital it is.


The community is located approximately 120 kilometers north- west of Lyon and 95 kilometers northeast of Clermont- Ferrand and borders already on the neighboring department of Saône -et -Loire in the Burgundy region. Neighboring municipalities are:

  • Beaulon in the north,
  • Saint- Aubin- sur -Loire in north-east ( Saône -et -Loire )
  • Diou in the east,
  • Saint- Pourçain- sur -Besbre in the south and
  • Thiel -sur- Acolin in the West.

The town lies on the River Besbre, which further opens a few kilometers in the Loire. A branch channel of the Canal in the Loire ( German: Loire Lateral Canal ) ends here in a harbor basin.

Transport links

Dompierre -sur -Besbre is regionally crossed by the national road N79, which leads coming from Paray -le- Monial in the direction of Moulins. In parallel, also passes a railway line. The regional road traffic is handled by the department of road D779 and some other local roads connecting Dompierre with its neighboring communities. The Loire Lateral Canal and its branch canal to Dompierre is indeed navigable for cargo ships of the Freycinet class, but this traffic route has now no meaning.



  • Château de Chambonnet, castle of the 16th century, Monument historique
  • Maison de la Tour, half-timbered house, Monument historique


In the harbor of Dompierre a submarine base was established, where houseboats are rented to tourists.