Diou (Allier)

Diou is a commune with 1491 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Allier in the Auvergne region; it belongs to the administrative district Moulins and canton Dompierre -sur -Besbre.


The municipality is situated on the left bank of the Loire, on the northern border of Sologne Bourbonnais, about 30 kilometers east of Moulins and 20 kilometers northwest of Digoin. Neighboring communities of Diou are:

  • Saint- Aubin- sur -Loire in the north,
  • Gilly- sur -Loire in the Northeast,
  • Pierrefitte- sur-Loire in the southeast,
  • Saligny -sur- Roudon in the south,
  • Saint- Pourçain- sur -Besbre in the southwest and
  • Dompierre -sur -Besbre in the West.

Since the Loire forms the border to the Burgundy region here, the municipalities are located in the north and north-east already in the neighboring department of Saône -et -Loire.

Hydrological naturally dominates the Loire and the Canal accompanying them in the Loire ( dt: Loire Lateral Canal ). But the rivers Roudon and Besbre traverse the municipality and open in the far northwest as left tributaries in the Loire.



It is assumed that Gaius Iulius Caesar here BC a so-called impedimenta was set up in the year 52, before he set out after Gergovia. In such a camp everything was kept, which was not suitable for the battle, so cereal, public funds (Sold), hostages and spare horses. The Aedui, in the tribal area was the camp, revolted and conquered it in the same year. Caesar himself writes of the oppidum as Noviodunum Haeduorum. For a long time is given to Noviodunum with today Nevers matter what but is now moot.



  • Monastery Abbaye de Sept -Fons on the border with neighboring community Dompierre -sur -Besbre

The closest

A higher-ranking road link is given by the National Road 79, which runs between Diou and Dompierre -sur -Besbre and supplies both places. Diou also has a station on the railway from Moulins to Mâcon. Even on the waterway Diou is reached: Although the Loire itself is not navigable, but the Loire Lateral Canal is for Pénichen, as well as sports and houseboats passable, which is of interest for tourism. In Diou a mooring for boats is located on the canal.