Yzeure is a French town with 12,990 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Allier in the Auvergne region. The city is capital of the canton of the same name and is part of the Local Government Association Agglomà de Moulins.

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The city Yzeure seamlessly from the eastern outskirts of Moulins in Bourbonnais.


Yzeure has Gallic origins. In Gallo -Roman times it was called Icciodorum. Durum, Dorum and Duron often appear in Gallo-Roman place names, the word is related to the German word " door ", meaning " passage ". There were several villages named Icciodurum whose name depending on the local dialect took various forms: Yzeures, Izeure and Issoire. From the 1st to the 3rd century was Yzeure a center of pottery.

In the Carolingian period (8th- 10th century) Yzeure belonged to the county of Autun. In the 14th century, the dukes of Bourbon made ​​the near Moulins their capital.


Culture and sights

Yzeure is with two flowers representing national des villes et villages fleuris ( National Council of flowery towns and villages ) in the Conseil. The " flowers " are awarded as part of a regional competition, a maximum of three flowers can be achieved.

On February 8, 2005 Yzeure was called Ville amie des enfants (Children friendly city ), which is awarded by the UNICEF France.


The church of Saint -Pierre dates from the 12th century. It was enlarged in the 15th and 16th centuries. In the 17th century the bell tower was added. A crypt under the choir in 1872 dispelled. Your Gothic cross vault still bears traces of paintings from the 15th century. 1914, the church was classified as a monument historique.

The farm on which the castle stands Panloue, belonged in the Middle Ages probably the Knights Templar. A stone from the 12th or 13th century through the door of the chapel depicts a passover. The castle itself dates from the 17th century and is built in the style of Louis XIII, named after Louis XIII .. It is owned by the city and was founded in 1947 in the Additional List of Monuments historiques registered ( inscrit MH).

The Panloue Castle


Yzeure has since 1986 partnered with Bendorf in Germany, since 1988 a partnership with Kafountine in Senegal since 1990 and a partnership with Gherla in Romania.


An important branch of industry the Yzeuriens is the breeding of domestic animals of bovine, ovine and porcine. The numerous businesses and shops in the city are in the commercial areas Robet and Rancy, and shopping zones Cap Sud and Michelet, and in the industrial park La Mothe concentrated.