Neuvy (Allier)

Neuvy is a commune of the department of Allier in the Auvergne region. Administratively, it is assigned to the Canton of Moulins- Ouest and the district Moulins.


The village with 1510 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) located north of the Auvergne in the historic province of Bourbonnais about 100 kilometers north of Clermont- Ferrand on the left (western) bank of the Allier. Directly opposite on the right bank of the Allier is the town of Moulins. The municipal area of Neuvy opens the Queune in the Allier.


The place name is Neuvy Gallo- Roman origin, novus vicus, and means new settlement '. The following toponyms are known: in accio Noviacense ( 950) Neuvic ( 1373 ), Novusvicus ( 1392 ) and more recently Neuvy -les -Moulins. In 1850 a hoard of Roman silver coins unearthed with the portrait of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus in Neuvy.

In the Middle Ages Neuvy was a parish, which was under the diocese of Bourges and the Parlement de Paris. Around 1760 the place were 96 taxable households ( Feux fiscaux ).

During the occupation of France by the Wehrmacht during the Second World War, Neuvy was - unlike the neighboring town of Moulins - initially in the unoccupied zone, because the river Allier was part of the demarcation line. After 1942 Neuvy was yet occupied by the Germans. Both places were freed on September 6, 1944.



  • The church of Saint -Hilaire goes back to the 11th century. The tower dates from the 12th the two aisles of the 15th century. The building is a French cultural monument since 1929.
  • The Chateau du Vieux- Melay is a French cultural monument since 1985.

Chateau du Vieux- Melay