DTBook (acronym for Daisy Digital Talking Book ) or DAISY XML is an XML-based document format for texts. It can be used among other things in EPUB e-books and DAISY audio books. DTBook is in contrast to document formats such as ODF format- not, but structure -oriented and structure-oriented compared to other formats such as DocBook and TEI relatively simple. It was developed by the Daisy Consortium as accessible format based on HTML with special consideration of the requirements of the visually impaired. Therefore, it places an emphasis on clear, unambiguous navigation and the explanation of visual elements. DTBook is developed by the Daisy Consortium and is defined with a DTD as part of the NISO Z39.86 -2005 standards.


A subset of the XML elements of DTBook form the NIMAS ( National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard), a U.S. standard for electronic books for the visually impaired. NIMAS documents are valid according to the DTD DTBook.



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