Dzaoudzi is a municipality with 14,311 inhabitants (as of August 21, 2012 ) in the French overseas territory of Mayotte.


The inhabitants call themselves Dzaoudzien (ne) s or Labattoirien (ne) s, as the city consists of two principal parts: Dzaoudzi and Labattoir. Dzaoudzi is the third largest city of the department. Dzaoudzi occupies the northern part of the island Pamanzi, where Labattoir located on the island and the island is Dzaoudzi something upstream. The island is part of the archipelago of the Comoros, which lies at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel in the Indian Ocean.


64.7 % of residents of Dzaoudzi speak French and another local language (mostly Mahorisch, a variant of the Comoro ), 27.5 % speak French, and 7.8% speak only French. 33.7 % of residents are immigrants.


On November 13, 1835 took place at Dzaoudzi a battle between the Sultan Andriantsouly, instead of his ally the Sultan Abdallah II of Anjouan and the partisans of Ramanetaka, the Sultan of Mohéli. On April 25, 1841 handed Andriantsouly Mayotte to France. He was assassinated on September 26, 1845 Pamanzi, at the crossroads between Pamandzi, Labattoire and Dzaoudzi.

On July 20, 1953 Dzaoudzi received the status of zone urbaine (urban area).

Until 1977, when the county seat was moved to Mamoudzou, Dzaoudzi was the capital of Mayotte.

Culture and sights

In the northeast of the district Labattoir is the big crater Dziani Dzaha.

The broadcaster Réseau France outre- mer of Mayotte has its headquarters in Dzaoudzi.