E. N. P. Sowah

ENP Sowah was between 1986 and 1990, Chief Justice of Ghana, so the chief judge. Sowah was appointed during the military dictatorship of the Provisional National Defence Council ( PNDC ) led by Jerry Rawlings for the seventh Chief Justice since the country's independence. Predecessor was Fred Kwasi Apaloo, successor of Philip Sowah was Edward Archer.

Sowah had reached already in 1986 as a judge of the Supreme Court laid down the highest seniority and should resign from the office of judge to retire. In 1986 a law ( Judicary Retiring Ages Law, 1986 PNDCL. 161 ) was adopted that allowed judges to voluntarily exceed the upper age limit for judges with the approval of the PNDC by the PNDC. The duration of the age limit for judges at the discretion of the PNDC.

Sowah made ​​use of this possibility and stayed another four years in office. This step has been significantly attacked by the Ghana Bar Association as well as by the judges. Here, the independence of the judicial office has been questioned mainly.