Eduard Sachau

Eduard Sachau ( born July 20, 1845 in Neumünster, † September 17, 1930 in Berlin, full name Charles Edward Sachau ) was a German orientalist.

Life and work

During his studies, he became in 1864 a member of the fraternity Teutonia Kiel. Sachau in 1869 and in 1872 associate professor at the University of Vienna, 1876 Professor at the Friedrich- Wilhelms- University of Berlin, where he director of the Department of Oriental Languages ​​in 1887. He was a member of the Vienna and the Berlin Academy of Sciences, Honorary Member of the Royal Asiatic Society in London and the American Oriental Society. He traveled extensively in the Orient. In particular, his studies on the Syriac and other Aramaic dialects are remarkable. Eduard Sachau participated as a consultant in planning and construction of the Baghdad railway.

A marble portrait of Eduard Sachaus created Adolf Brütt the 70th anniversary of scholars in 1915.

A student of Sachau was Eugen Wednesday ( Promotion Berlin 1899), a founder of modern Islamic studies in Germany.

Writings (selection )

  • Muhammedanisches right after schafiitischer teaching. Stuttgart 1897 ( digitized in the Internet Archive ).
  • General Administration of the Royal Museums in Berlin, Aramaic papyrus and ostraca from a Jewish military colony at Elephantine. Ancient Near Eastern Languages ​​monuments of the 5th century BC, edited by Edward Sachau, panels, Hinrichs'sche bookstore 1911. Photomechanical This work contains only pictures of the Berlin papyri from Elephantine.
  • The Chronicle of Arbela. Berlin 1915 ( digitized version of the University and Regional Library of Saxony -Anhalt, Halle).
  • Arab tales from the time of the Caliphs, Hyperion, Munich 1920. Digitized in the Internet Archive