Emanuel Augustus

Emanuel Augustus, born as Emanuel Burton ( born January 2, 1975 in Chicago, Illinois ) is a retired American professional boxer.

He was regarded as a classic " Journeyman ", ie as a boxer, who was signed as an opponent for aspiring Boxtalente, cross traveled through the States and stood in the ring almost a month.

Emanuel Augustus achieved a certain notoriety in the international boxing world by his fighting style, the commentators finally earned him the nickname " The Drunken Master". He provoked his opponents often by dancing and gestures, one designated as Clowning in American usage method.

Title Fights

Burton began in 1994 with the professional boxing. Probably the most significant win of his career, he celebrated on 26 September 1998 in Norwich; He defeated the eventual champion and reigning No. 1 WBO rankings of world title challenger Jonathan Thaxton in his home town by Ko in the seventh round, and thus became Intercontinental Champion of the World associations WBO and IBF light welterweight.

However, he resigned from the WBO title and focused on the defense of the IBF title, which he lost on 25 June 1999 in Aarhus by knockout loss in the last round to Allan Vester.

On September 17, 1999, he boxed in Las Vegas against Antonio Diaz to the internationally little significant world title of the International Boxing Association (IBA) in the light welterweight and lost on points. On April 2, 2004, however, he could be in Tucson still secure the IBA Welterweight title after he defeated the new title holder Alex Trujillo on points. However, he lost the title already in the first defense on June 18 in Hidalgo to Tomas Barrientes, after he was disqualified in the seventh round due to a verbal attack against the referee.

On 15 October 2005, he boxed in Montreal against Herman Ngoudjo to the International Master title by the WBC and the North American championship of the NABF. He had indeed Ngoudjo in the last round on the ground, but lost at the end on points.

On 10 March 2006, he lost the battle for the Intercontinental Championship title on points against the WBO Arturo Morua.

On 9 December 2006, he was Little Rock masters of the American continent WBC light welterweight in North. He defeated while Russell Stoner Jones by unanimous decision.

On 31 August 2007, he was allowed to fight for the Asian -Pacific Championship title WBO Siberian Yugorsk, but was defeated by Russians Sergei Sorokin on points.

On 4 July 2008, he won in Sydney by whacked in the second round against the Thais Jakkirt Suwunnalirt, the Oriental masters title of the WBO welterweight.

Selection of major battles

  • June 20, 1995: defeat by Jesús Gabriel Sandoval Chávez ( WBC super featherweight world champion, IBF world champion at lightweight )
  • July 21, 1996: defeat Ivan Robinson
  • October 2, 1997: defeat Diosbelys Hurtado ( WBA world champion in the light welterweight )
  • September 4, 1998: Søren Søndergaard draw against ( European champion in the light welterweight )
  • September 26, 1998: Victory against Jon Thaxton ( European champion at lightweight )
  • May 12 2000: Defeat against John John Molina ( WBO and IBF world champion in the super featherweight )
  • October 21st, 2000: defeat against Floyd Mayweather Jr.
  • 13 July 2001: Defeat against Micky Ward ( The duel was chosen by the Ring Magazine's Fight of the Year )
  • September 28, 2001: defeat by Leonard Doroftei
  • June 7, 2002: draw against Leavander Johnson
  • July 19, 2002: Carlos Wilfredo Vilches win against ( South American champions in lightweight and light welterweight; Through his victory, he reached # 2 in the IBF world ranking)
  • January 30, 2004: defeat against David Diaz ( WBC champion at lightweight )
  • May 21, 2010: Defeat against Ruslan Prowodnikow