Eormenred of Kent

Eormenred (also Ermenred, Irminred; † before 664) was at least since 640 a king of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Kent. He came from the dynasty of Oiscingas.


Eormenred was a son of the king Eadbald and his second wife Emma (also Æmma or Ymme ), the daughter of a Frankish king, Chlothar II perhaps. Some historians believe that Emma 's daughter Erchinoalds, the Frankish mayor of the palace in Neustria was. Eormenred was married to Oslava, with whom he had at least four children: sons of Æthelred and Aethelberht, and the daughters Eormenburg (also Domneva, Aebbe, EAFE; ∞ Merewalh, sub- king of Magonsæte ) and Eormengyth. John of Worcester, a historian of the 12th century, described in his Chronicon ex chronicis Æthelthryth as another daughter.

First Eadbald seems to have involved an otherwise unknown Æthelwald and later his son Eormenred to the rule. Eadbald died in 640 and his son Earconberht I followed him, probably together with Eormenred, as King to. Eormenred seems to have died before his brother Earconberht († 664), under whose protection his sons Æthelred and Aethelberht grew up. Eormenreds sons was murdered at the instigation of her cousins ​​, King Ecgberhts ( 664-673 ) of Thunor. Eormenreds line was therefore resigned from the throne and the innerdynastische power struggle came to an end.