Eorcenberht of Kent

Earconberht (also Earconberct, Earkenbriht, Ercanbryht, Arcenbriht or Ercumbert; † July 14 664 ) was from 640 until his death King of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Kent. He came from the dynasty of Oiscingas.



Earconberht was a son of the king Eadbald and his second wife Emma (also Æmma or Ymme ), the daughter of a Frankish king, Chlothar II perhaps. Some historians believe that Emma 's daughter Erchinoalds, the Frankish mayor of the palace in Neustria was.

He was with Seaxburg, a daughter of King Anna of East Anglia, married with whom he had at least four children: two daughters and Eormenhild Eorcengota as well as the sons and later kings Ecgberht I. and Hlothhere. Eorcengota became a nun at the Abbey Faremoutiers was married to Wulfhere, king of Mercia in the Frankish Empire and Eormenhild.


First Eadbald seems to have involved an otherwise unknown Æthelwald and later his son Eormenred to the rule. Eadbald died in 640 and his son Earconberht I followed him, probably together with his brother Eormenred, as King to. According to Roger of Wendover, a chronicler of the 13th century, Earconberht has supplanted his brother from the throne. Earconberht survived his brother and pulled his sons Æthelred and Aethelberht under his protection. He ordered the destruction of pagan idols and put the non-compliance with the 40 days of Lent before Easter is punishable. Around the year 654 he took Wilfrid, who later became bishop of York, who was on a pilgrimage to Rome with him and gave him Benedict Biscop as a guide for traveling with. After the death of Archbishop Honorius of Canterbury, he sat with 655 Deusdedit first time Anglo-Saxons in this office a. Earconberht died in the year 664, as well as King Swithhelm of Essex and Archbishop Deusdedit when a plague broke out across Britain, the number of casualties. His son Ecgberht I followed after as king of Kent. His widow Seaxburg retired to a monastery.