Estadio José Rico Pérez

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  • Football World Cup 1982

The Jose Rico Perez Stadium is a football stadium in the Spanish city of Alicante on the Mediterranean. It is the home stadium of the Segunda División club Hércules CF. Overall, the arena holds 29,584 spectators and is used mainly for football matches of the club.


The cornerstone ceremony was held on 26 May 1973. The stadium was inaugurated August 4, 1974 with the game Hércules CF vs FC Barcelona ( 0-4 ). The stadium hosted the FIFA World Cup 1982. 1994 had Hércules CF sell the stadium to pay off debt for the equivalent of € 5.5 million to the city. 2001 finally allowed the new owner the use of the stadium by the second club of the city of Alicante FC, ​​a decision that was met with the fans of Hercules with little enthusiasm and led to great tensions between the two clubs and their fans.

For a great deal of excitement caused the decision to remove for games of FC Alicante all located in the stadium symbols and coats of arms reminiscent of the original owner, and the " Hércules CF " lettering on the seats of the grandstand was covered. On 27 March 2007, the deadline for submitting a purchase offer to the city. Hércules CF made ​​the only offer: € 7.8 million for the purchase and a further 4.4 million for renovations, so the demands of the previous owner were met and the stadium went over again into the possession of Hércules CF on 11 April 2007. However, part of the agreement was the further use of the stadium by FC Alicante to the renovation of owned by the city of Campo de Villafranqueza stadium in which the smaller club Alicante since 2010 plays its home games.