Nuevo Estadio de la Victoria

Real Jaén

  • Games for Real Jaén
  • Matches of the Spanish national football team ( U21)

The Nuevo Estadio de la Victoria is a football stadium in the Spanish city of Jaén. It can accommodate 12,569 spectators and is the home stadium of Real Jaén.

The Nuevo Estadio de la Vicotoria was opened in 2001. The first game in this stadium took place between Real Jaén and Poli Ejido Deportivo. The meeting, which was a second division match between two teams that are active in the third Spanish league today, ended 3-1 for the hosts. Three days earlier, on August 29, the stadium was officially opened in Jaén. Sold out the first time was the Estadio Nuevo de la Victoria in 2009 during the play-offs for promotion to the Segunda División against the second team of Villarreal who eventually prevailed and prevented a rise of Real Jaén. During the period of its existence from 2001 until today was the Nuevo Estadio de la Victoria in comparison to the other stadiums in the Segunda División B relatively well filled, but probably also on the location of the arena on the outskirts of Jaén and the short distance of the stands from the field is located. There was even a game of the Spanish Under-21 national football team in Nuevo Estadio de la Victoria instead, namely a against Portugal, Spain won 2-1.

The Nuevo Estadio de la Victoria is, as the name suggests, a stadium that has replaced its predecessor stadium. This was called Estadio de la Victoria and was built in 1944. In Estadio de la Vicotia found at the end of 11,500 spectators. The problem was, however, that this stadium was right in the center of the city and the spectators often not pursued the game from the stands in the stadium, but from their balconies on the sides of the nearby houses, which of course led to significantly lower revenue, because the spectators watched the games yes free. This fact, together with the increasing age of the Estadio de la Victoria in 2001 led to the idea to build a new venue for Real Jaén. The last game in the old stadium was the last league match of the 2000/01 season between Real Jaén and Real Betis Sevilla, which Betis won 2-0 and thus promotion to the Primera División celebrated. Finally, the Estadio de la Victoria was demolished in 2005.