Ezard Haußmann

Ezard Haussmann ( born February 10, 1935 in Berlin, † November 6, 2010 ) was a German actor.


The father Ezard Haussmann was the UFA actor Erich Haussmann. His mother was the singer, concert soprano and painter Ruth Wenger (1897-1994), who called herself as an artist Claudia, daughter of the Swiss writer Lisa Wenger and was married from 1924 to 1927 with Hermann Hesse. Haussmann was educated in a Swiss convent boarding school with the support of Hermann Hesse, since his parents were arrested during the Second World War in France. After that, he began training at the hotel management school in Munich, but not suited to his inclinations. Instead, Haussmann took up the work at the State Theatre Detmold, where he first worked as a prompter, lighting or extra and began to acquire the Acting autodidact. In 1956 his parents moved with him to the GDR. 1958 Ezard Haussmann was at the Berlin drama school Ernst Busch make his acting degree.

He stood first in provincial theaters such as Wittenberg, Quedlinburg and Stendal. In 1960 he returned to Berlin and worked until 1967 at the Deutsches Theater. In 1967 he moved to Berlin Volksbühne, where he embodied the Harpagon the miser of Molière among others in 265 performances. The Volksbühne was his artistic home for 23 years. His theater career in East Germany was cut short when Haussmann in 1968 after the suppression of the Prague Spring in protest wore a wreath to the Czech Embassy.

Ezard Haussmann has been not only to numerous theaters played (among Burgtheater Vienna Schauspielhaus Bochum, Schiller Theater in Berlin, guest in Basel) and successfully touring theater (for example, since 2001 the " Henrik " directed The glow of Heribert Sasse on the book by Sandor Marai, or 2005 in the South Bavarian theater festival the " Alfred Ill " in Friedrich Dürrenmatt's the visit of the Old lady, directed by Uwe Niesig ), but also in more than 150 television movies: ( 1983, " Count von Brühl " in Saxony gloss and Prussia's Glory, 1990 " Carsten Wolf" in the series Adventure Airport and v. a ). As a voice actor he borrowed, inter alia, Bernard Blier ( Large Family ) and Klaus Kinski in the DEFA version of balls bear no signature his voice. He was also successful with readings to texts by Hermann Hesse, Johannes Bobrowski and other writers, as well as poetry evenings with piano music of living in Germany Japanese Klaviervirtousin Fumiko Shiraga go.

He tried in 2003 with some colleagues to receive the Berlin Schlossparktheater tradition as venue bourgeois theater and wanted to provide as director available. This attempt failed due to the external conditions. He is (returned, but in 1993 again received by the then Mayor Eberhard Diepgen ) support the Order of Merit of the Federal State of Berlin and was awarded other prizes, including in 1991 as the most popular actor of Berlin awarded the "Golden Curtain" and "Respect assignment " of the Association of Christian publicists.

Haussmann was married to Doris Haussmann and is the father of the director Leander Haussmann.

He died on November 6, 2010 after a long battle with cancer and was buried in the Protestant cemetery in Berlin -Friedrich Hagen.

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