Farnborough (London)

Farnborough is a district of the London district of Bromley. Located just south of Orpington and is bounded to the west by Keston. In the east, Chelsfield connects.


The name of the district goes back to the concept Fearnbiorginga, which means village in the ferns on the hill. The first written mention comes from Farnboroughs Aethelberht King of Wessex, who sold about 385 acres of the present urban area in the year 862. In the Domesday Book the place is not recorded, but he was already in the Middle Ages and the area was in 1200 owned by Simon de Montfort, 5th Earl of Leicester. The village developed on the road from London to Hastings. It initially formed a commune in the Harde of Ruxley, Kent. 1840 was assigned to the Metropolitan Police District. From 1894 to 1934 Farnborough was part of Bromley Rural District. In implementing a local government reform, the municipality was dissolved and divided the municipality to the Municipal Borough of Bromley and Orpington the Urban District. Since 1965 Farnborough is part of the London Borough of Bromley.

Plane crash in 2008

Medial became famous for the district on 30 March 2008 as a Cessna Citation I in one of the houses on Romsey Close crashed. The two pilots and three passengers were killed, whereas no one was injured. The aircraft took off at the nearby airport of Biggin Hill and was on the way to Pau in France when the pilot put down an emergency call and tried to return to the airport. Among the killed were passengers of the Euro sports commentator David Leslie and racing driver Richard Lloyd. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch. In its final report, it was found that a majority of technical problems caused the crash.


According to the 2001 census, Farnborough had 9,033 inhabitants. The population growth is as follows:


Farnborough is located on the A21 Lewisham to Hastings. The district does not have its own railway station. The nearest train stations are located on National Rail from the center Farnboroughs with the Orpington Railway Station and the Chelsfield Railway Station each about three kilometers. The Biggin Hill Airport is located six kilometers south of the city center.

Sons and daughters of the town