FC Ordabasy

The FK Ordabassy Shymkent ( Kazakh: Ордабасы Шымкент Футбол Клубы / Ordabasy Shymkent Futbol Kluby; Russian ФК " Ордабасы » Шымкент ) is a Kazakh football club based in the city, in southern Kazakhstan city of Shymkent.


The club was established in 2000 under the name Dostyk Shymkent from the merger of two Schymkenter clubs, Schiger Shymkent Shymkent and Tomiris. In 2003 it was renamed the Ordabassy Shymkent.

Schiger was founded in 1960 as Jenbek Shymkent. The next year, the club was renamed Metallurg Shymkent. In 1981 renamed Meliorator Shymkent and 1992 in Schiger.

Tomiris was founded in 1998. A 1999 the team ran under the name Sintez Shymkent.

After the 2001 season, the club rose from the Super League from the First League, but managed by a third its chances of promotion. In 2007 Ordabassy stood in the Kazakh Cup final. In Central Stadium Taras However Tobol Qostanai proved by a 0:3 as the stronger team. 2011 was celebrated as the finals at the Central Stadium Almaty, the Tobol Qostanai was defeated 1-0 for the first time winning the Kazakh Cup.

On 6 March 2012, the first win of the Kazakhstan Supercup could be celebrated. Here, the champion was 2011 Shakhtar Karaganda defeated in the capital's Astana Arena in front of 12,000 spectators through the matches of the captain Kairat Aschirbekow 1-0.


Play their home games, the club in the 20,000 -seat Kaschimukan Munaitpassov from stadium, which opened in 1969.

Participations in UEFA competitions

Results of the home games are in bold.


  • Kazakh Championship: 3rd place: 1994
  • Winner: 2011
  • Finalist: 2007

Current squad for the 2014 season

As of April 2014

Well-known former players


  • Kazakhstan Renat Abdulin (2013 )
  • Kazakhstan Maxim Asowski (2009)
  • Kazakhstan Alibek Buleschew (2009)
  • Kazakhstan Vitaly Jewstignejew (2010-2011)
  • Kazakhstan Aleksandr Kuchma (2009)
  • Kazakhstan Alexander Mokin (1999-2001, 2007, 2009-2010 )
  • Kazakhstan Tanat Nusserbajew (2006-2010)
  • Kazakhstan Maxim Schalmaghambetow (2012 )
  • Kazakhstan Murat Sujumaghambetow (2002-2004, 2006)
  • Kazakhstan Daurenbek Taschimbetow (2010-2012)
  • Kazakhstan Murat Tleschew (2007)


  • Russia Alexander Karatayev (2006)
  • Turkmenistan Baýramnyýaz Berdiýew (2005)
  • Ukraine Olexandr Mytrofanow (2010)


  • Serbia Danilo Belić (2013 )
  • Serbia Vladimir Djilas (2012 )
  • Serbia Ivan Peric (2011)


  • Senegal Guèye Mansour (2012-2013)


Well-known former coach

  • Ukraine Viktor Passulko (2011-2014)