Frank Baltrusch

Frank Baltrusch in the GDR Swimming Championships in Leipzig ( 1985)

Frank Baltrusch ( born March 21, 1964 in Magdeburg ) is a former swimmer from East Germany.

Baltrusch started late ( in third grade ) with the performance sport education unit Magdeburg, after he had only a year earlier learned to swim. A year later, he was delegated to the children's and youth sports school ( KJS ). Since 1981, he was the best athlete on the DDR 200 meters backstroke distance. Internationally, he never came, however, on the second place also. At the European Championships in 1981 in Split took the starting for the SC Magdeburg athlete who was trained by Christel Seedorf and Ulf scratch, to fourth place.

In the 1982 World Cup and the European Championship in Guayaquil in 1983 in Rome and 1985 in Sofia he swam each bronze about his parade route. In the following years, he acquired the reputation of being "eternal second ". He won silver at the European Championships 1987 in Strasbourg, the 100m backstroke, the World Swimming Championships 1986 in Madrid 200m backstroke and at the Summer Olympics in 1988 in Seoul also 200m backstroke, where he was beaten by the Soviet athlete Igor Polyansky. After the Games, he finished his career.

Baltrusch married the high diver Katrin Zipperling and now works as a sales manager for an insurance company in Magdeburg.

1986 and 1988 Frank Baltrusch was awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit in silver.