French Kiss (1995 film)

  • Meg Ryan: Kate
  • Kevin Kline: Luc Teyssier
  • Timothy Hutton: Charlie
  • Jean Reno Jean-Paul Cardon
  • Suzan Anbeh: Juliette
  • François Cluzet: Bob

French Kiss (English for French kiss, French kiss literally ) is a British-American romantic screwball comedy from 1995 directed by Lawrence Kasdan, in which a traveling "Ex -American and Canadian in spe" to France to her unfaithful recapture friend, and discovered a new independence per se.


The American Kate lives with her Canadian fiancé Charlie together in Toronto and strives to Canadian citizenship. When Charlie must travel to France for professional reasons, Kate refuses, the panic fear of flying has come along. A few days later Charlie reports by phone and announced her enthusiastic, he had fallen in love with a French woman and Kate will therefore leave. Against all fears and without the necessary permission to leave the Canadian authorities Kate flies to Paris. On the plane she meets the petty thieves Frenchman Luc know that meets the American prejudices about French - a scruffy macho with a taste for the obscene. He hides in Kate's luggage unnoticed a vine, in whose envelope he has hidden a stolen necklace, so Kate smuggles them for him through the French border controls.

Therefore Luc no longer gives way to the American for the time being from the side and pretends to want to help her regain Charlie. For this, he teaches her that a woman can not show her true feelings, but should present themselves to a man as unattainable to win it. But behind Luc is also the policeman Jean -Paul ago, the Luc once saved your life, and now wants to keep him in return before the prison, but at the same time ensure the chain. After several unsuccessful attempts by Luc, Kate remove the chain again, the two come closer and closer to each other.

Thanks to Luc's help, it creates Kate almost regain Charlie again for themselves. Eventually, however, she gives him a basket. Even Luc, who was supposed to spend the same night with Charlie's new fiancé, while thinking only of Kate. But the next morning it give neither Kate nor Luc, Luc and Kate treated with the same self-assured nonchalance with which she could wrap around the finger Charlie.

This morning Kate also to the chain, allegedly to sell an heirloom of Luc's grandmother. She had, however, experienced the meantime by Jean -Paul that the chain is stolen and Luc would not be arrested if he returns the chain. Then she had Luc convinced that they wanted to sell the chain itself. They could act out a higher price as a woman, so Luc with the money can be dreamed- estate finance. In the jewelry business Cartier, Kate, however, meets with Jean -Paul, gives him back the necklace and receive a check for the jeweler about their own savings. When Jean -Paul asks her why she was doing this for Luc, whom she would never see again but, Kate replied ambiguously, with the hint of a smile, that she did not know.

Luc is a little disappointed about the supposed low price, but would be anyway. Kate goes off to the airport, allegedly because Charlie waiting for her. Shortly thereafter, however, Luc sees Charlie and Juliette while kissing on the beach. Jean -Paul comes up behind him and announces to tell him a love story whose end Luc could help themselves.

The audience learns the story is not, but in the penultimate scene comes Luc in the plane in which Kate probably waiting for her return. He confesses his love for her and the two buy up the coveted vineyard in France.


" Incurable romantic fun with witty battles of words and winking top stars. Conclusion: Goes down well, lively bouquet ".

" A romantic comedy in the footsteps of classical models, but without the charm and very American cliché characters committed. "


Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan have been nominated for the American Comedy Award for Funniest Leading Actor, but could not against John Travolta ( Get Shorty ) and Alicia Silverstone ( Clueless - What else! ) Prevail.