Fyens Stiftstidende

Fyens pin Tidende is a regional Danish newspaper based in Odense, whose circulation area covers the Danish island of Funen (Danish: Fyn ) and the South Funen Archipelago. The conservative -oriented newspaper declared in 1975 for political independence and bourgeois. While in 1988 still has a circulation of 72,300 newspapers sold daily was achieved, she went back to around 47,400 units in the first half of 2010. The joint Sunday edition of the Fyens pin Tidende and the Funen Office Avis reached a weekly circulation of 67 944 copies in the same period.

The precursor of the newspaper, which Kongelig Priviligerede Odense Address Contoirs Efterretninger, first appeared on January 3, 1772 to 1852 obtained its present name Fyens pin Tidende. After Søren Hempel 1797, the Journal took over, the magazine found in the following 174 years in the hands of a family dynasty, which was only in 1970, replaced by its current owners, the Fynske Bladfond.

In the 1960s, the tide has developed into the leading newspaper of the city, in 1969 the last competitors in Odense, Funen the Tidende ( 1872-1979 ) bought up. In the 1970s she won a newspaper war with the Funen Office Avis for themselves.

After 221 years as an evening paper, the publication has been converted into a morning paper in 1993. In April 2006, the company took over half of the shares of Kjerteminde Avis A / S, which continue to be published independently. Together with the joint-stock company A / S Svendborg Avis ( owner of Funen Office Avis ) founded Fyens Stiftstidende in October 2006, the partner company Fynske Medier P / S, under whose umbrella since January 2010 the total activities of both newspapers are united.

In addition to its headquarters in Odense local offices exist in Assen, Bogense ( for the region Nordfyn ) Kerteminde, Middelfart and Nyborg and in Faaborg, rings ( for the region Midtfyn ) and Svendborg, which are maintained together with the County of Funen Office Avis.