Fylakio (Greek Φυλάκιο (n. sg. ) ) Is a village in the municipality of Kyprinos the community Orestiada in the Greek region of Macedonia and Thrace. Together with the villages keramos and Ammovouno it is the same local community Fylakio ( Τοπική Κοινότητα Φυλακίου, total 971 inhabitants). South of the village there is a detention center for migrants.


The village Fylakio ( Topiki Kinotita Fylakiou Τοπική κοινότητα Φυλακίου ) located in the northeast of the municipality Kyprinos ( Dimotiki Enotita Kyprinou Δημοτική ενότητα Κυπρίνου ). The Ardas is in northern natural border with the local communities Komara, Elijah and Plati the municipality Trigono. To the east lies the towns of Community Rizia the municipality Vyssa, in the south Valtos, Chandra and Megali Doxipara the municipality Orestiada and in the southwest and west are Zoni and Kyprinos. The village is located 3.5 km east keramos and Ammovouno 2.5km west.


During the Second Balkan War, Bulgarian troops conquered in March 1913 large areas of Thrace. By specified in the Treaty of Bucharest border the village but remained in the Ottoman Empire. The agreement of Sofia 1915 border control was carried out between the Tsardom of Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire. With few exceptions, and a 2-km buffer Mariza became the border river, the village was Bulgarian. After the Greco- Turkish War Greece received under the Treaty of Lausanne of 1923 Western Thrace. Through the exchange of populations previously agreed could be, according to official data 233 Greek refugees in the village to the ground.

The village was founded in 1924 Fylakio incorporated into the rural community Komara and slammed 1931 in the rural community Rizia. Together with keramos Fylakio in 1950 was separated from the rural community Rizia and himself received the status of a rural community ( Kinotita Fylakiou Κοινότητα Φυλακίου ). By connecting the settlement Ammovouno the rural community Kyprinos the municipality in 1983 was extended. With the local government reform in 1997 Kyprinos, Fylakio and Zoni were merged to form the borough Kyprinos. Since the administrative reform in 2010 Fylakio has the status of a local community ( Topiki Kinotita Τοπική Κοινότητα ) in the municipality of Kyprinos the new community Orestiada.

Refugee camp

Approximately 1.5 km south-east on the road to Valtos there is a detention center for migrants, be temporarily recorded in the refugees who have tried to illegally cross the Turkish-Greek border. For the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders ( Frontex) the camp especially for determining the nationality of immigrants serves. According to Human Rights Watch ( HRW), the camp in 2010 was crowded and it prevailed very poor hygienic conditions. Also to children and young people did not get a separate accommodation and no social support. In early December 2010, when Human Rights Watch visited the camp, to 450 inmates, including 120 minors who have lived there.

Mid- September 2011 visited several members of the Bundestag, including Stephan Mayer and Rüdiger Veit, the refugee camp in Fylakio and in Tychero. Deputies described the circumstances as " inhuman " and " unacceptable ". According to them, the competent Greek Minister Christos Papoutsis was confronted by them with the grievances.