Georg Brandes

Georg Morris Cohen Brandes ( born February 4, 1842 in Copenhagen, † February 19, 1927 ) was a Danish literary critic, philosopher, and writer who has made ​​outstanding contributions to the placement of Scandinavian and German culture. He solved a major breakthrough in the so-called modern Scandinavian literature and promoted authors of realism and naturalism. Georg Brandes was the brother of Edvard Brandes, who supported him throughout his life.


Georg Brandes studied law and philosophy at the University of Copenhagen and graduated with a dissertation on French philosophers from. Brandes traveled half of Europe, lived 1877-1882 in Berlin and was appointed in 1902 as professor of philosophy at the University of Copenhagen.

His speeches and publications in the German-speaking countries was due to the emerging interest for the Nordic literature. In Denmark he was known among other things, the Polish and Russian literature.

He wrote witty essays and biographies, for example, about Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Michelangelo, William Shakespeare or Voltaire. Citing William Shakespeare fire called for a realistic portrayal of the characters in the literature. But his work also shows the influence of Hippolyte Taine, Charles- Augustin Sainte -Beuve, Auguste Comte and John Stuart Mill

Early on, he pointed out as a committed champion of emancipatory ideas Søren Kierkegaard. In 1888 it held fire lectures on Friedrich Nietzsche, with whom he exchanged letters, and made a philosophy known in Denmark. Nietzsche, whose works should take an incomparable triumph in the sequence, reacted to the long -awaited response - and also on fire ' description of his thought as an aristocratic radicalism - enthusiastic. Brandes developed under Nietzsche's influence by the people Democrats as an elite thinkers.

Even today, applies fire in Scandinavia as the author of an anti- clerical attitude.

Georg Brandes Price

Since 1969, the eponymous Georg Brandes Prize is awarded by the Danish literary critic association Litteraturkritikernes Lav.


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