Gomoa District

The Gomoa District is one of 13 districts in the Central Region of Ghana. It lies on the Gulf of Guinea, east of Cape Coast. Capital of the district is Apam ( APAA called by the locals ). For Gomoa district includes two paramountcies, ie areas of traditional rulers who exercise in the modern state of Ghana, certain cultural and legal functions. This paramountcies are Gomoa Akyempim and Gomoa Ajumako, located in Gomoa Assin or Ajumako.


The residents of the district are predominantly of Fante -speaking group of Gomoa. On the coast there are isolated enclaves by members of the Ewe people, whose main settlement area in the eastern part of Ghana and Togo 's. This Ewe are mostly fishermen.


The area of present-day Gomoa District was divided before the colonial era in the States Gomoa Akyempim and Gomoa Ajumako that are still considered paramountcies alive. The residents came early into contact with European traders. The Dutch built in the 17th century in Apam a fort, Fort Leydsamheit or Fort Patience (Fort patience), as later, the British called.

The region 1869-1872 was part of the Fanti Confederation, which tried to establish a recognized by the British state structure of European character in the European-influenced Fantegebiet. With the failure of this experiment, the area became part of the British colony of the Gold Coast.

Climate and Environment

In Gomoa District, there are two rainy seasons: The "big " of April to July and the " small " from September to November. Then there are the "big" dry season from December to March and the "small" dry season in August.

There are two vegetation zones, the savannah landscape of the coast and the deciduous forest region inland.

Major towns