Gorki Leninskiye

Gorki Leninskiye (Russian Горки Ленинские ) is a place in Russia in the Moscow Oblast, near the cities Vidnoye and Domodedovo and 35 km south of Moscow. It has the status of an urban settlement and is one of 3586 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ). Gorki Leninskiye lies on the River Pachra, a right tributary of the Moskva River.

1949, the mansion with the corresponding ensemble was converted into a museum in memory of Lenin's last years. Even today it is operated by the Russian Ministry of Culture as Lenin Museum and provides on request Group guided tours.

About four kilometers from Gorky is the Leninskaja station on the route from Moscow ( Paveletskaya Station ) via Domodedovo to Kashira.

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