Graham Bartram

Graham Bartram ( born July 18, 1963 in Montrose, Scotland ) is a British Vexillologe, Flag designer and Secretary General for Congresses of FIAV. He is also chief Vexillologe of the Flag Institute and maintains the website World Flag Database.


Graham Bartram was born in Montrose (Scotland ) and grew up in Dundee, Belfast, Accra, Lagos, Montrose and Chesterfield. His interest in flags was written during his stay in Accra. From the Flag Institute, he was awarded in 2005 with the honorary title of Fellow of the Flag Institute.

Bartram is the author of "British Flags and Emblems ". He also wrote the booklet "Flying Flags in the United Kingdom ", which was published by the Flag Institute together with the Flags & Heraldry Committee of the United Kingdom Parliament.

Bartram advises the British government in flag questions and edited the British Navy flag book " BR20 Flags of All Nations ", which is also used by the German Navy. In 1999 he was responsible for the revision of the flags of some British overseas territories.

Flag designs

Bartram also designed:

  • A proposal for the Antarctic flag. He is a white Antarctica dar. (without limits) on a light blue background
  • The color of the Queen of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.
  • The Flag of the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports.
  • The Flag of Tristan da Cunha.
  • The symbol of the UK Border Agency.
  • The flag of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.
  • The flag of the National Register of Historic Ships.