Chesterfield is a town in the English county of Derbyshire. It is located south of Sheffield at the confluence of the River Rother and Hipper in has around 100,000 inhabitants. Chesterfield is not only the administrative center of the Borough of Chesterfield, but also of the surrounding district, North East Derbyshire.

1204, King John Lackland of the town market rights. For the city they grew in the 19th century, when it was connected to the built under George Stephenson railway line from Leeds to Derby and around the city also larger coal deposits were discovered.

The landmark of the city is the crooked spire of the church of St Mary and All Saints' from the 14th century. The tip deviates about 2.9 meters from the center of the cone base and is rotated about an eighth around its own axis. The cause of the curvature is unknown. One view, twisted to fresh oak wood during drying. Others suspect improper bracing, since after the big plague epidemic of the mid-14th century lacked well-trained craftsmen. The most likely cause is the lead plates, which replaced the original wooden shingles about 300 years after the construction. The wooden structure was not designed for this weight and deformed.

The popular belief the church tower one day was so stunned when a maiden stood before the altar of the church, that he bent down to the bride -is closer. This leaves him bent. If once again take a virgin to the altar, the church tower will straighten out again. According to another legend, a blacksmith from Bolsover shoed the devil 's hooves so rudely that he jumped over the church tower. The church is classified as a Grade I listed building today.

Chesterfield is also namesake of Chesterfield seating, since the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope was this in 1770 at the well-known English furniture maker Robert Adam in order.


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Sons and daughters of the town

  • Sam Hardy (1883-1966), football player
  • Olave Baden -Powell (1889-1977), co-founder of the Scout Movement
  • Ted Mellors (1907-1946), motorcycle racer
  • Deric Longden (1936-2013), writer
  • John Hurt ( born 1940 ), actor
  • Paul Patterson ( born 1947 ), composer
  • Terry Forrestal (1948-2000), stuntman and actor
  • Phil Taylor (born 1954 ), drummer
  • Joanne Guest (born 1972 ), fashion model


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